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Hi Greg, off to a GREAT start with the new driver!  After an inconsistent initial practice session the other day, I finally took it to the course yesterday.  I hit my most consistent, in the fairway, nicest flight drives I have ever hit, distance up to the 215-230 range, so much better than my 180 yard ground balls in the rough!  This lead to increased confidence in the rest of my game, leading to a score of 40, after averaging 47 up to this point so far this year.  Also, your insight with my alignment faults has had me be more attentive, which lead to increased accuracy in all clubs I hit.  My playing partner, who questioned my need to seek your help, said it was the best money I have ever spent to improve my game and obviously increase my enjoyment (yes I bought the beer!).  So again, thank you for your help, your expertise and our across the state friendship.
Take care,  Paul
P. Primel

In mid-September 2014 Greg at Courtnay’s Custom Clubs analyzed my swing for the better part of 6 hours for the purpose of custom fitting me with a new set of golf clubs minus a putter. Though I had been playing and putting well over the 2014 season, I had a bag of mismatched clubs from five or six different manufactures and was in my third year of retirement. If I were to continue golfing, I wanted to optimize my play with a bag of clubs customized to me and consistent in feel, loft, lay, etc.I was attracted to Courtnay’s Custom Clubs because of the testimonials that described Greg as patient, knowledgeable, and willing to put in the time necessary to deliver a quality product to his customers. Allow me to add my voice in expressing a hearty thank you for a job well done. His customer service ethos goes above and beyond the norm.During the course of my fitting we discovered that we both were avid note takers/statistic keepers of our games. When I picked my clubs up two weeks later, my concluding comment to Greg was, “My goal is to perform so well with my new clubs that I am compelled to write a glowing statistical testimonial for your web site.” I am more than happy to keep that promise.Of the 950 holes I played in the 2014 golfing season, 363 holes or 38.2 % were with my new clubs. From October 1 onwards, my handicap declined 3.5 strokes from 20.3 to 16.8.

My rate of scoring birdies and pars increased 26.7% from 20.6% of all holes played to 26.1%.

Greens hit in regulation increased 49.7% from 15.7% of all holes played to 23.5%.

My t-shots are closer to the center of the fairways, and my rate of hitting fairways increased 15.3% from 44.3% of all holes played to 51.1%.

While I have seen only a marginal increase in frequency of t-shot distances from 210 to 229 yards and 230 to 249 yards, I have experienced a 9.4% increase in t-shots over 250 yards. Cold weather had an impact during the sample period.

Despite a 27.6% increase in 3-putts from 12.7 to 16.2%, I look forward to elevating my game even further when Greg fits me w/ a new putter and gives me some putting instruction. He is a putting instructor in addition to club fitter and customized club builder. See you in late Winter or early Spring, Greg. And thanks again.

K. Hepworth
I agree totally – Greg does an excellent job. I drove two hours to see him – got fit for a driver and a 3 wood with more loft. He also checked all of my clubs, found that my 3 and 4 hybrids were too long, so he cut them down and got the weights right. Plus I also went to the jumbo grips. I love both of the clubs he built, hoping to see him next year to get some more clubs built.
Warren, MI
Upon my retirement in 2001 I connected with Greg and asked if he could make me my retirement set of clubs… Greg built me a set of custom built clubs that have been my primary set since then…the only tweaking that has been needed was to update my shafts to my decreasing swing speed. Greg is very knowledgeable, thorough with his fitting, and very professional.I am completely satisfied with my clubs and his work.
Jim Whitmer
Greenville, MI
Greg, the best thing I can say is that I am having fun playing golf with my new clubs, with distance and accuracy I have never had before, thanks
Marc Sink

I must say how very thrilled I am with Greg and his abilities to identify, evaluate, modify, and competently build a set of clubs exclusively suited to my physical abilities, age, experience, goals and objectives, in a very cost effective way! I live in Grand Blanc, some 100+ miles from Greg. I spent a ton of time seeking and identifying the clubmaker/fitter here in Michigan which would best suit my requirements.There are only four that have the highest level of accredidation/competency. After evaluating them, I chose Greg, even though two of them were geographically closer. I must say he was all I expected and then some!He spent several hours with me on each of my visits to him doing what I had hoped: evaluating, experimenting with different shafts/clubheads, to get the right fit for my swing! Unbelievably, the price for his time and expertise was surprisingly modest for the time spent. Upon completion of making my clubs, he had me hit each one of them to make sure it met my needs, at no charge. I was so thrilled with the complete iron set he made, I went back and had him make me a new driver and 3 wood. Again, he spent an inordinate amount of time testing, evaluating, and measuring to make sure the fit was the best for my situation; once again, at a very reasonable price for the time spent.

Not surprisingly, my game has elevated to a level that has thrilled me. I know it is, in large part,  from his expertise, patience, precise evaluation and recommendations. I have the same swing, but much better, personally built- to- suit clubs, which takes advantage of all the new technology coupled with my particular swing and physical capabilities/limitations. It is certainly “not the Indian, but rather, the bow and arrows, he shoots”!
I would highly recommend Greg to anyone who is looking to improve their game by having the properly fitted clubs built to accentuate the individual. He is thorough, inquisitive, extremely competent, patient, and just down right good at what he does; his follow up and laid back personality are second to none;  best of all, his prices are equal to/better than one can buy at any golf store/off the rack! If you are serious about your game and wish the “best bow and arrows” to suit you/your swing/your physical abilities/desires/needs, Greg is your man, in my humble view!
Grand Blanc, MI
Don, At one of your golf schools last year in Davison MI, I met club fitter Greg Courtnay. Greg was very personable and offered some suggestions, some I did, others I didn’t. This year, when I finally felt my game was stuck at a level I wasn’t satisfied with, I contacted Greg for a fitting. While initially this was just for my driver, I was so impressed with the attention and professionalism he gave me, that this turned into a 5 hour total club and swing fitting (at no extra charge). It was amazing to see how my ball flight and distance changed as Greg worked with me on finding the right combinations of shafts, heads and weights. In the end, the driver I already had worked the best for me, with some adjustments in length (I had shortened it a 1/2” too much) and adding weight. The 55 gram shafts on my irons were causing me to not feel where the club head was and swinging them too fast. Greg’s testing found I hit most consistently with a 95 gram shaft, not what I expected for a 59 year old man. He had me keep my current club heads, showing that he wasn’t looking to have me buy anything I didn’t need. He made adjustments to my lie angles and adjusted my clubs to specifications. My adding thicker grips was my choice, since I have some arthritis and these added to my comfort and club control.When I went to pick up my finished clubs, I thought Greg would take my check and send me on my way. Not Greg! He had me swing each club and continued to make final adjustments until I was fully satisfied. I have since had further e-mail correspondence with Greg when I added a new club to my set and asked for his adjustment recommendations.So Surgites, like many of you I felt a club fitting would make little difference and just cost me more money. Basically, I now have a new set that is truly fit for me. My distance and accuracy has greatly improved and I just had my best score in 3 years. I have more enjoyment now being able to even try shots I had no confidence in trying before this fitting. And if nothing else, I am getting my money back in fewer lost golf balls!Surge, thanks for letting me share this experience with your members and if anyone can make it to see Greg Courtnay in Ionia, MI, it is worth it!
Paul P.
Wanted to thank you for the recent club fitting at your office/range in Ionia.  Appreciate the time you spent with me and my brother perfecting the clubs to our individual swing characteristics.  We have been playing with our new clubs for a few months now and are mighty pleased with the performance achieved.  Would recommend your services highly to anyone interested in improving their game and owning a set of clubs fitted to their swing.  Your patience with me and video taping of my results with numerous shafts, heads, and lie angles guaranteed the outstanding results achieved in fitting my clubs.  Keep up the good work and much success in your fitting business.
Mike Bartz

I am in San Antonio looking for a place to rent for the winter and brought my clubs with me.  They work just as well in Texas as in Michigan!  Glad to hear that your setting up a web site for your services.  We were reluctant to try your services at first due to distance we had to travel and no references other than your name on Peak Performance Golf (PPG) site.

Very satisfied with finished product.  Perfect place (golf range) to video our swings and determine which parts of club maximized ball distance.  Would recommend your services to any level of player.  You followed all the points of a fitter in Tom Wishon’s book (The Search for The Perfect Golf Club).
Patrick Bartz
I am very pleased that we have someone so knowledgeable in the club making and club repair business right here in our very own back yard. Trust me when I say that I would not even consider paying top dollar just to say that I swing a Ping, Taylor Made or Nike club. Instead I will keep my money local and pay for what I know I am getting….a great finished product with top level experience and skill that works just as good or better than the top brand names. I have just loved the equipment that Greg has prepared for my family and myself over the years and will always continue to go to Greg as long as he is in business no matter where he is located. Thank you for making golf so fun for us and standing behind your products and services. Your loyalty and commitment is greatly appreciated
The Thurlby Family
Lloyd, Debbie, Brianna and Brandon.