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Club Fitting:

We are often asked if club fitting is that important. In a word, YES! It is just as important, if not more so, for the high handicapper. Properly fitted clubs will allow you to play better and to improve. Using the latest club fitting technology- Swing Analysis, FlightScope Launch Monitor System, and Shaft Alignment/Orientation club assembly, we will build a properly fitted piece of equipment for you whether a single club or an entire set. Fitting will make a difference in your game regardless of skill level. It is difficult, at best, to play the game. Improperly fitted equipment makes it even more difficult.

Custom Fit Golf Clubs vs. Standard Off the Rack- View Video by Tom Wishon Golf Technology
What Does Custom Clubfitting Actually Do for Golfers? View Video by Tom Wishon Golf Technology
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Golf Ball Fitting:

The correct ball is just as important as properly fitted equipment. We use state of the art fitting programs and equipment.

Shaft Fitting/Re-Shafting:

We re-shaft using all of the latest techniques available and use only the highest quality shafts.  See us for all your reshafting needs and proper shaft fitting. We will also orient your shaft in the club head in the most neutral and beneficial position in order to facilitate consistency and distance. (see SHAFT/GRIP page)

The Basic Elements of Professional Shaft Fitting –View Video by Tom Wishon Golf Technology


The grip is the only connection between you and the club. We stock popular grips including Golf Pride,  Lamkin, and Winn. Grips should be changed yearly (more often if you play frequently) and care should be taken to insure proper size and feel.

Club Grinding:

We can grind that favorite club or wedge to the desired bounce to help with the overall playability.

Loft and Lie Adjustment:

A club’s loft and lie will change with use and can cause loss of distance and accuracy. Older irons should be checked yearly for cast clubs and twice a year for forged clubs (depending on  frequency of play) and can be brought back to their original specifications.


We are a full service repair shop and can do most any repair needed and offer one day turn around if requested.