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There are three absolute truths about golf, golf clubs, golfers, and golf swings! Truth One:  If your golf clubs are properly fitted and if your golf swing is sound, then great golf is 100% mental attitude. Truth Two:  If your golf clubs are properly fitted and if your golf swing needs help, then great golf is 65% proper swing and 35% mental attitude. Truth Three:  If your golf swing is sound a...
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Big Heads, Long Shafts, Enough Already!

Is bigger really better in drivers?  Does it really create a more forgiving club?  What is the truth As you make the driver heads larger you move the center of gravity (COG) farther from the axis of rotation.  The further the COG is from this axis, the more power/force it takes to bring the club head back to square.  So, for the slower/weaker swinging golfer, the larger head is actually a hindran...
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Golfers frequently ask what is your longest driver? This statement assumes that some manufacturers are able to make drivers hotter than others. The truth of the matter is that in the past 5+ years almost all drivers have pushed the USGA/R&A limit on COR/CT value to the max. So the law of physics would mandate that all drivers now go the same distance, right? Not necessarily true as there are ...
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Grip Selection Guide

Size Chart for Determining Your Grip Size (A) Dominant Wrist Crease to Fingertip (B) Grip Size 5 3/4" - 6 1/2" Women's Oversize/Men's Undersize 6 1/2" - 7" Women's Std. 7" - 7 1/2" *Men's +1/32" Oversize 7 3/4" - 8 1/4" Men's Std. 8 1/2" - 9 1/4" *Men's +1/16" Oversize Over 9 1/2" *Men's +1/8" Oversize (B) If the length of your longest finger i...
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